Friday, February 01, 2013

Jan. E-books Part:2

Homesteading Handbook Guide On Self Sufficiency Everything You Need To Know By: Dalbert Burton
Non-Fiction: Home Ec, E-book

First this book appears to be from England. This makes the 1st chapter on laws on changing your gardening area useless.  Also I do not think that homesteading means the some thing in England as in the US as it has advice like "It is usually better to maintain a garden that is small than a big one," and half the advice is about non-food gardening. Also it has lines like this, "An organic topping that is utilized in the process of retaining moisture in garden soil is garden mulch which is organic."

Legends of the Renaissance: The Life and Legacy of Lucrezia Borgia By: the Charles River Editors
Non-fiction: History, e-book

This book is full of information about the whole life of Lucrezia Borgia and a fair amount of information on her also famous father and brothers.  There is a lot less poisoning in this then you would think. And surprisingly there is no proof of her doing any actual poisoning. (Although, giving the level of medicine at that time, there were few cases in which they could prove poisoning.)

Glycemic Index Diet By: Jennifer Collins
Non-Fiction: Cooking, E-book

This book has a short intro about what the glycemic index diet is and a few notes on foods that are high, medium or low on the glycemic index. The rest of the book is recipes. There are a couple of typos in the recipes, but nothing that would prevent you from being able to make them.

Dining With The Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook By: Chris-Rachael Oseland
Non-Fiction: Cooking, TV, E-book

Note: this book was written by Americans but has both American and English measurements, word use and in general tries to be useful for people on both sides of the pond.  It is a collection of recipes for Doctor Who fans. There is one for each episode from the start of the 9th Doctor to the Christmas special " The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe". There is also an entire chapter on different versions of fish fingers and custard or at least things that look like them.  The recipes vary between things that were in the show, were of that time, look like (non-food) things in the show (the TARDIS, Cybermen, Ood, etc) or were just inspired by that episode. The book is written in a fun light hearted way including joking about how your just going to go out to the store and buy frozen chips/fries instead of making them from scratch for a recipe but "since this is a cookbook, we'll maintain the adorable pretense that you're actually going to cook instead of taking the easy route" and on the recipes that require Nuttella acknowledging that you may just eat 1/2 the can on it's own. Even for the recipes that were making the food look like some Doctor Who alien they mostly sounded tasty (there was an occasional food used for a decoration that you might like to take out before eating, like the egg for the eye in the Dalek Set's Head, which was mostly alcholic jell-o in a brain mold with tentacles attached.) There are a number of things in this cookbook that would be great for a Doctor Who party, but there are also many ones that you could make in everyday cooking and many tasty looking drinks as well.

Amelia's Last Secret By: Eric Wilson
Fiction: History, Short Story, E-book

This short story is about what might have happened to Amelia Earhart when she disappeared.  It is based off of some of the theory's about what might have happened and also tells a story of a Navajo windtalker that finds something of hers well after she disappeared.  The story goes from the start of the last leg of her around the world trip to modern times.

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