Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Hell By: Robert Olen Butler
Fiction: 232 pages
Book Count: 13

This book is written following the quote that, "Hell is other people." Sure the rain in hell dissolves you into a pain filled blob, and sometimes you get burned up, and if you think it is hard to keep up with modern technology, try going from a life of quills and ink pots to emails, but for the most part this hell is like earth only greyer and sadder, and the worst thing in it is all the people (human and demon,) and the ironic/annoying punishments (which are caused by the demons or the people themselves, so still back to people.) This story centers around a news reporter, who meets up with many figures from history: Virgil, Judas, Nixon, Ann Boleyn, Shakespeare, Bogart, J. Edgar Hoover, and members of the Bee Gees to name a few. (Note: in this story almost everyone is in hell, so the list of people in it is not based on how good or holy any of the people are or aren't.) He hears that there may be a way out of hell and into heaven and goes about  looking for it and learning more about himself and hell. 

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