Saturday, June 01, 2013

May E-Books:

Note: All titles are written the way that they appear in the e-books.

Nikola Tesla: Imagination and the Man That Invented the 20th Century By: Sean Patrick
Non-Fiction: History, Biography

Although this book is in part about Tesla, it is mostly about how the creative mind works and things that you can do to increases your creativity.  It does this by going over the main points of Tesla's life. But if you were looking for an in dept biography of Tesla or wanted more details on how much of a jerk Edison was this is not the book you want.

How Much Do You Weigh?: The Stigma Defying Photobook By: Erin Nieto

This book is a series of photos of women of all sizes and ages along with how much they weigh. It was made to work on ending the taboo on talking about weigh. It also includes quotes from the women about why they wanted to do this and what they hoped it would do.

Beginners' Guide To Coffee At Home: Coffee basics for coffee enthusiasts. By: A. Edward Gur
Non-Fiction: Cooking

The title tells you all you need to know about this short book.  It's on making coffee at home.

So Easy Herbal: Ten Herbs How To Grow Them Use Them And Save Money By: Karon H. Grieve
Non-Fiction: Cooking, Home Ec.

This short book is about ten herbs that are easy to grow at home and have a number of uses.  If you know nothing about herbs and gardening this book doesn't have quite enough information in it.  If you are experienced on herbs and growing plants this book is too simple. It would work as a quick refresher for more beginner level herb users.

Seven Exes Are Eight Too Many By: Heather Wardell
Fiction: Humor, Romance, Chick Lit.

A woman desperate to find love signs up for a dating TV show.  She gets picked for the show and after signing a contract that requires her to pay thousands if she backs out she finds out that the show is more like "Survivor" mixed with the dating and all her teammates are exes of hers, and the other team is another ex and all his exes.  Also everyone else there was also tricked into being on the show and can't leave without paying either. So she is stuck on a island with a suitcase full of sexy dresses and 7 men she never wanted to see again who don't want to be there either.

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