Thursday, August 08, 2013

God Save the Queen:

God Save the Queen (The Immortal Empire 1) By: Kate Locke
Fiction: Mystery, Sci-Fi/Fantasy 348 pages
Book Count: 28

The main premise of this story is that the plague caused changes in the DNA of the royalty. Some became vampires, some werewolves, and some goblins.  Queen Victoria is still on the throne in her 175th year of rule.  She is a vampire, the werewolves live in Scotland and the goblin live in the London underground and are seen more as animals then people.  Most of the people are still humans and there are half-bloods, which work mainly at jobs protecting the vampires and werewolves.   As you can tell this book is alternative history book, that feels a little steampunk at times (their clothing is still Victorianish) but although there are different names for things cars run on gas, computers and cell phones on electricity etc.

The main character is Xandra a half-blood with a vampire duke as a father and a human courtesan who is a carrier of the plague DNA as a mother.  Her half sister (same father different courtesan mother) is taken to Bedlem (with is still a mental hospital in this world) and then kills herself.  Or at least that is the story.  Xandra doesn't believe that she is dead.  First because of her gut feeling, but when she sees the horribly burnt  body she notices that one of the few parts of her body that is still recognizable (her teeth) aren't right.  This sets her up on a mission to find the truth that leads her to find our much more then she wanted to about herself, her family, and the world around her.

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