Friday, August 02, 2013

The Henchmen's Book Club:

The Henchmen's Book Club By: Danny King
Fiction: Humor, Literature, Pop Culture, E-book
Book Count: 26

This book is about a British guy who starts a book club.  Sure he works for a secret organization that supplies super villains with their help. Sure he is a henchman, goon, hired thug, etc. He isn't really a bad guy or anything, most of the time he's guarding the vending machines.  In short this book is a humorous spoof of movies like the James Bond series and Arnold Schwarzenegger films. And fact two of his nemeses in the book is a British spy that has to always makes witty comments and innuendos (but don't call him a civil servant) and an American with unusually large muscles who's answer to everything is violence.
 But he only wants to get out of the job alive and with some money, which he only gets if the boss doesn't screw everything up with their need for drama and overly complicated plots.  To pass the time he and some other henchmen start a book club. Then his book club becomes a secret organization with in a secret organization which leads to the dramatic ending.

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