Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Primal Blueprint:

The Primal Blueprint By: Mark Sisson
Non-fiction: food, science 273 pages
Book Count: 13

I started reading the web site that goes with this book, before reading the book, so not only does this book go over a number of things that all the other diet books that I have been reading, but also other writings from the same author.  However, this book also deals with more then just diet, but a whole lifestyle based on the best things that were part of early human life. Also the next two or so books that I read in paper form will also be from the same author as this diet works for me. 
The primal diet is much like that of the paleo diet, (no grains, lower carbs, based mainly on veggies, meat, and fruits.) But also allows for dairy for those that do not have issues with dairy and understands that you aren't going to follow the diet 100% of the time and lets you know the best options of non-primal foods.  It also includes a large amount of exercise info that also goes against conventional wisdom like the diet itself.  It includes most of your exercising time spend on lower energy exercising like hiking, walking, slower bike rides or playing backyard pick-up games of your favorite sports.  Plus, every once in a while going all out with sprints, fast biking and other similar work outs for a short time.  And last some level of strenght training. This book is a bit more strict then the website, ( ) so some of the things I said may be more about the website then the book, as see last entry on having read the book weeks ago. 

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