Sunday, March 02, 2014

Wheat Belly:

Wheat Belly By: William Davis, MD
Non-fiction: Science, Diet 266 pages
Book Count: 11

Yes, I did check out a whole bunch of books from the same section of the library at once and now I feel like I have to read them all, even thought a lot of the information repeats itself, why do you ask?

Anyway this book as well as dealing with the importance of the effect that foods have on your blood sugar also deals with the way that modern wheat has been made and how it seams to be effecting people.  As some of you may know scientist and farmers have been working on grains that will make more food in less time for the last 50 years (they were working on it some since people domesticated plants, but in a slower less engineered way.)  This has lead to wheat that is much easier to grow, but also that has a different genetic make up then earlier wheats.  And it has also lead to an increase of people that have shown problems with eating this wheat (Celiac disease, gluten intolerance, other medical issues).  The author's belief is that the two things are connected.  This book first deals with the science and anidotial evidence to support his claim and then becomes a diet book about how to eat wheat free, including a few recipes.

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