Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bloodsucker Bay:

Bloodsucker Bay (Vol 1 The Demon Isle Witches) By: Rachel Humphrey- D'aigle
Fiction: Paranormal, Short Story, E-book

This book is set in modern times on an island that has a strange magic power on it.  A family of witches is charged with protecting the inhabitants of the island as they have done for generations.  However, unlike other families in this situation, they want out to live a normal life. (Or at least as normal as you can have when you dream people's deaths, or can see how people died by touching their bodies.)  Although their family friend / guardian is a vampire that is not what the title refers to. As in this book they deal with a body thought to be killed by a sea hag, the possible magic caused death of a close friend and the disappearance of their parents a couple of years ago.

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