Sunday, May 18, 2014

Low Carb Diet Handbook:

Low Carb Diet Handbook - The Ultimate Low Carb Diet Plan And Cookbook To Lose Weight Fast And Enjoy The Process By: Michael Sean
Non-fiction: E-book

This book reads like a Middle School report: complete with many typos, mis-information, and most likely a large amount of just re-wording information from websites like Wikipedia.  I would say that I was glad that I got this for free, but even that was too much for this.  I only finished reading this, so I could know all the ways that this book is bad. (And it only took 10 minutes to read.)  For example, as a "cookbook" there are no recipes in this book, just names and nutritional info on recipes that you can find some where else.  Also it includes such useful advice as a drink with 10 grams carbs is good for the start of an Atkins diet when you are only eating 20 grams of carbs a day.   And it was an almost incomprehensible jumble of words and thoughts, relating to low carb diets and not low carb diets that they think might be low carb.

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