Friday, October 24, 2014

John Dies at the End:

John Dies at the End by: David Wong
Fiction: Paranormal, Sci-fi/ Fantasy 375 pages
Book Count: 52

This book is by one of the people from the Cracked website.  On one hand it is nothing like what I would expect from someone that writes for the site.  Although, it is funny in spots, it is not mainly a humor book.  It is not a big list of thing where only half of them truly fit the title.  It is fiction.
But on the other hand this book is exactly what I would expect from a Cracked writer.  If a fever dream had a fever dream it's fever dream would almost be as odd as this book.  This book is like a dozen somewhat connected stories that all can't fit in the same time line, but some how do, strung together with penis jokes in between.  It is a story about mind altering drugs, inter-dimensional travel, alternate time lines, shadow people, love, ghosts, and many other things.  Also, John may or may not die at some point(s) in the book.

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