Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Michigan Chillers #1: Mayhem on Mackinac Island:

Michigan Chillers #1: Mayhem on Mackinac Island by: Johnathan Rand
Fiction: Children's, Paranormal, 170 pages
Book Count: 49

I had forgotten how addictive these stories are: a quick, easy to read book, that you know the main formula used to make it, but still enjoyable, a guilty pleasure type of book.  They are like the potato crisps of books. . . you can't stop at one.  (Although, I'm sure when some one reads this they will remind me that this is the same things I complain about in the reading choices of certain family members, but unlike some people, I don't think that this is a classic or high literature.  I don't have a problem with reading about sparkly vampires or Amish women in love, I have a problem with thinking sparkly vampires is great literature. In short, I would like to admit that I like the modern children's version of penny dreadfuls and pulp fiction but I'm not going to be surprised that it isn't nominated for the Noble prize for literature. [And yes I know some great stories came out of penny dreadful and pulp fiction writers, but most are long forgotten now, often for good reasons.])

Now on to the plot.  A brother and sister summer each year on Mackinac Island, but one year they get sucked into the Island of Mayhem, which is Mackinac in some sort of parallel dimension.  Now they must find a stone key in Skull Mountain to get back home.

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