Sunday, October 19, 2014

Michigan Chillers #11: Great Lakes Ghost Ship:

Michigan Chillers #11: Great Lakes Ghost Ship by: Johnathan Rand
Fiction: Children's, Paranormal, 180 pages
Book Count: 47

I am fairly sure that this book could have been a NYR book, except I have no idea where the books I bought for an author signing at the school went to. . . as it's not like they're being read by anyone.  
Anyway this book takes place in Cheboygan, but the kids in it are mostly from Grand Blanc (because what type of scary story would happen in Grand Blanc? The traffic ticket of doom?) This story is about a legendary ghost ship on the Great Lakes. (I didn't bother to look up the see if it might be a real legend or made up like the mummy one, as it's complexly believable in either case.)  Anyway the two kids from Grand Blanc and there friend that lives in Cheboygan go to see the US  Coast Guard Cutter, the Mackinaw.  When they are looking at it the uncle of the local kid who works on the ship invite them on for a tour.  When in the middle of the ship he gets called away and tell them to stay there until he gets back.  They wait until they see a zombie sailor coming to where they are and they know that the legend of the ghost ship must be true and they need to escape. 

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