Monday, November 24, 2014

Salt Sugar Fat:

Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us By: Michael Moss
Non-Fiction: Food, Science 347 pages
Book Count: 60

You might wonder why I read a book against Fat and Salt when they are two of the things that I make sure that I get enough to eat in my diet, it was because some one on one of my diet/ WOE (way of eating) groups recommended it.  Having read the book I have to say they must have been one of the clean eating people that also hang out in the Paleo groups and do a low fat diet.  This book does a good job of showing how processes foods have tons of added salt, sugar and fat and how that makes you want to eat more or makes your body not understand how much you are really taking in.  But it lacks much in the science of how foods make you fat, using mainly the government guidelines and the guidelines of a couple of organizations for the bench marks of how much of each thing you should have.  It is also very not self aware of it's blind following of these guidelines.  In the fat section it notes a study that found that you can eat over a pound of red meat a week with no increase in the cancer they were studying, but any processed meat increased the cancer risk, and there answer was because of the saturated fat in processed meat (as if the un-processed red meat didn't also have saturated fat.)  They also talked to many people that are in or were in the food industry and note that they are healthy because they avoid processed foods, but not that their diets besides that are diverse, and not necessarily following the guidelines that the author was using for what you should eat.  So over all it was an interesting look into the ways that processed foods are made and the science that the food engineers use to make it so additive, but as far as health it has noting new to say, just the well known fact that these foods aren't good for you.

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