Saturday, December 06, 2014


Libriomancer (Magic Ex Libris: Book One) By: Jim C. Hines
Fiction: Mystery, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, NYR, 305 pages
Book Count: 63

One more book down, only 6 more to read. . .
Isaac Vainio is a librarian in a small town in Northern Michigan, who also works to catalog items that might have magical importance for an organization of Libriomancers,  people who can pull objects out of books.  He use to work as a field agent for them but after a mess up involving zombie horses, he is strictly research only.  That is until a group of sparkly vampires show up (having been created from a recent popular book series) and his fire spider, Smudge, almost burns down the library.  He destroys the vamps with help from a dryad, Lena Greenwood, who shows up just at the right time.  He then learns that vampires are being killed and blame the Porters (the Libriomancer organization Die Zwelf Portenaere) and Johannes Gutenberg is missing. (Who is the head of the Porters and immortal after pulling the Holy Grail from a book, before locking the magic to stop everyone from doing that.)  Also Gutenberg's dozen killer robots are also gone, and no one seams to know what is really going on.  

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