Saturday, December 20, 2014

Old Year's Resolutions:

With about a week and a half left in the year and dozen or so holiday parties to attend, we are giving up on making 2014's reading new year's resolution.  And have decided to work on making up 2015's goals.

2015 ish Goals:

1. Keep off the weight loss of 2014 (not a reading related goal, but this year I'm writing all my goals down to remember them, and so my friends can keep me on task.)
2. Edit story I finished this year. (screaming about how there is nothing useful and deleting everything is editing, right?)
3. Add 12 books to the list of books on the FB page for our church's chapter of the Council of Catholic Women, before the new 3rd vice-president takes over. (this will happen in spring 2016, so the ish on the goals. Also I picked 12 books as that will bring the number of books up to 52, or enough to read one a week.) These books must follow the current rules that I use for putting books on the list: they must rate at least 4 out of 5 stars, and be something reasonable to appear on a church group's FB page. (Not that I might throw one or two odder books on this list, just because.  But still within the criteria. So sorry friends "Lamb" will not be added to the list.[side note who here thinks it's for not being a 4 star book and who for it being not appropriate?])
4. Win Nanowrimo in November. (Maybe do a camp too.)
5.  Write down story ideas and crazy real life things that with a few changes could be useful in stories. (I'm not adding a note about them here because you wouldn't believe me anyway. . . )

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