Saturday, May 02, 2015

Dear Luke, We need to Talk. Darth:

Dear Luke, We need to Talk. Darth: and other Pop Culture Correspondences By: John Moe
Non-fiction: Humor, Pop Culture, 290 pages
Book Count:12
This book is a series of letters, e-mails, texts, web reviews, notes, journals and correspondences on movies, TV, songs and other pop culture references.  It starts with a letter on the dangers of Bon Jovi, who is wanted dead or alive for the crime of rocking every face he has seen and ends with rejected Superbowl Halftime shows (XLVI- XLVIII).  In between is a selection of things ranging from the 99 problems that Jay-Z does have, ( oddly tiny rhinos, toothpaste bling, and Argentina all rate high on the number of problems they cause.) to Captain James T. Kirk's lost log entries where he questions things like: why does ever alien speak perfect English, look humanoid,  and live on a planet with breathable air for humans?

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