Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Murder On The Ghost Walk:

Murder On The Ghost Walk: (Magnolia Mystery Series) By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter
Fiction: Mystery, E-book

As you might have guessed from the title, this book takes place in the South (Atlanta)  and has a southern flair to it.  Ashley Wilkes (not the one from Gone with the Wind, she was just named after that one,) had just returned home after going to school at Parsons in New York.  At her first job of restoring an historic mansion for a demeaning, up and coming, style guru, she finds the old owners, in the walls!  From there she works to help the detective on the case solve the case (as she is on a deadline and some bodies in the wall is not stopping the owner from demanding that things get done on time or she will sue.)  As the case unravels, most everyone she knows ends up either a suspect or died.  She finally finds out who did it, as a hurricane floods the town.  

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