Thursday, May 28, 2015

Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales: One Dead Spy:

Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales: One Dead Spy By: Nathan Hale
Non-Fiction: History, Graphic Novel, Humor, Children's 127 pages
Book Count: 19

This is the first book in the series and we learn in it how Nathan Hale learned all of American History.  He was actually "eaten" by "The Big Huge Book of American History."   After this happens he tells the story of how he ended up a spy in the American Revolution.  It also has a mini-comic on Crispus Attucks, who was one of the first persons to die in the war.  Crispus was an escaped slave who was killed during the Boston Massacre.  Because of this he too is in the history book and can tell his own story. 

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