Thursday, May 07, 2015

Unravelling Paleo: Beginners Guide to Paleo & Inerviews with Robb Wolf, Dr. Loren Cordain:

Unravelling Paleo: Beginners Guide to Paleo & Interviews with Robb Wolf, Dr. Loren Cordain by: Ankit Neerav Pandey
Non-fiction: food, e-book

When I first started reading this book I thought that it was just based off the early ideas about the Paleo diet before it studied early man's use of fat.  It did have Dr. Cordain as one of the interviews and he is known for this version of the diet.  But as it went on it complexly went against what it stated earlier; both for things like the amount of fat that one eats in this diet and other things like pointing out that peanuts are a legume in one part and then later calling it a nut. It goes on and on about how all dairy including butter are "not allowed on the Paleo diet" and then references a website that is fine with using butter or gee for people that do not have a problem with eating it.  Also it is written like a poorly thought out school report. Or like it was written in a different language and just sent to google translate for the English version.   After a few pages I continued reading it, just to disagree with it. (The BMI chapter was extra fun to yell at.)  And because I was interested in the interviews. So as you can guess I will not be putting this on my list of books to read for people that are interested in my diet, as this book is not understandable if you don't already know a lot more about the Paleo diet then the author seams to know.

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