Monday, June 29, 2015

The Fullness of Truth:

The Fullness of Truth by: James M. Seghers
Non-fiction: Religion, E-book

This is a book on Catholic apologetics.  It has some unusual formatting: each section starts out, "The Object of the Exercise: The purpose of the lesson is . . . " and at the end it is summarized with, "WOW!" followed by the main points of the essay.  So the intro reads like a text book and the ending is like they are trying to speak to teens in "teen speak".  Also there are multiple essays on many of the subjects that use some of the same wording (and not just that they are quoting the same Bible passage.)  So things get a little redundant at times.  Also, for some reason the e-book says that it was only 88% done, when it was at the end of the book.  But, once you get past that there is some good information in it: with lots of Bible passages, notes on the Greek word used in passages, and answers to common arguments that one would get on an issue.

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