Friday, August 14, 2015

How To Write The Million Dollar Story:

How To Write The Million Dollar Story: Successful Plotting & Storytelling Made Super Simple By: Jack Davies and Jim Driver
Non-Fiction: Writing, E-book

This book is all about working on a plot for your story.  It includes a number of examples from popular books and movies, which it would be helpful if you were familiar with them ALL.  I did not read/ watch all of the things so somethings weren't helpful, and some of the things they said about the sited works were wrong (like Fargo wouldn't be the movie it was if it wasn't set in Montana [which it isn't], and I doubt the "compelling plot" made 50 Shades such a popular book that people over looked the HORRIBLE writing.)  But it does have a number of quotes from authors which was nice.  And a couple of writing exercises that might be useful.  And I spent exactly 0 dollars on it, so there's that.

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