Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pocket Guide to Sainthood:

Pocket Guide to Sainthood:  A Field Manual for the Super-Virtuous Life By: Jason Boyett
Non-fiction: Religion, Humor, 215 pages
Book Count: 30

This book is all about saints.  It includes the process that one undergoes in order to become an official saint (don't set up the shrines too soon!).  As well as a glossary of terms, a list of different saints, saints that are patron of different things, ( including Florentine Cheese Workers, ugly people and the internet [it is apparently official now.]) The stories of saint's lives include a number of "Obligatory Weird Miracle Stories", random facts, random quotes, "What Not to Venerate," and reasons to be impressed.  There are also some list of things relating to saints at the end.  (Note: this book is from 2009, so about half the people in the list: "Seven Well-Know "Servants of God" Whose Canonization Are Still in Process" have been canonized already.

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