Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Mother Night:

Mother Night by: Kurt Vonnegut
Fiction: humor,e-book
E-Book Count:1
Book Count:1

Note: this is my first attempt at writing this on a new screen, that does not seem to hate me yet.  But I am sure auto correct shall torment me soon on it.

This book is the story of a Nazi living in a run down apartment in NCY years after loosing the war.  And it is the story of a American spy that had nothing really left to live for with the war over. And it is the story of a writer whose wife and muse is gone, leaving him with nothing but memoires. And it is the story of a man hiding who he is, who becomes best friends with a Russian spy who is also hiding his true self. And as you might have guessed, all these men are the same guy, who is writing down his life story as he sits in an Israeli jail waiting to see if he will be killed for his war crimes or if proof that he was working for the USA will come in time.

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