Thursday, February 04, 2016

Sent Together: How the Gospel Sends Leaders to Start Missional Communities:

Sent Together: How the Gospel Sends Leaders to Start Missional Communities: By: Brad Watson
Non-fiction: Religion, NYR, E-book
E-Book Count: 2
Book Count: 4

So I read this book because it relates to something that we are trying out at church and that I am working on. Although, as I told one friend when talking about it, I knew that it was going to be a Protestant book when I got it, but then it really cinched it by quoting (and there forth meaning that the author actually read,) one of the documents of Vatican II.  As seen by a conversation that I only overheard part of, but which I think was someone complaining about the same church activity that caused me to read this book, which included the line, "You know that Vatican II really said. . ." and was stated by someone that I am almost positive never read any of the actual documents.  (Side bar to the conversation that I had: I think I have read the document that was quoted in the book. Maybe if it looks like he needs a laugh sometime, I will confess it to my priest. . . " Father forgive me, It's been 2 months since my last confession: I actually read things that the popes said before forming an unmovable opinion on it, oh and here is the bottle of water you asked for.")

And now onto the actual book, which from the title you might have guessed is about making mission communities/church planting/neighborhood outreach or what ever you might want to call many similar activities of that sort.  It includes practical advice, questions to ask yourself/group, personal stories of how things have worked or not worked for them in real life, and a Bible based set of reasons why to do something like this.  It includes a loose framework to do these things, including suggestions for more exact things you might pick from to do depending on where your group is: spiritually, in life, physically, etc.  It also has a large number of quotes from the Bible, and Christians from various backgrounds relating to each chapter. And some great, simple explanations of the kerygma/Gospel/Salvation story.  At the end there is a series of appendixes for all planning activities suggested in the book.

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