Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Revelations of Divine Love:

Revelations of Divine Love By: Julian of Norwich
Non-fiction: Religion, NYR, E-Book
E-Book Count: 7
Book Count: 8

This book is apparently the first book written in the English language and published by a women.  Maybe if there wasn't 86 chapters there would be more early English books by women.  (And the paperback versions are between around 200-300 pages so these are reasonable length chapters, and I read the long version.)  Also as an early modern English book, there are a ton of words ending with th, and with weird spellings, and even a few words that the e-reader dictionary looked at and said "that's not a word."  

Now about the book itself.  This book is a collection of visions that the author had, when she was deathly ill in 1373.  It was apparently one of the most popular religious books of England during the Middle Ages.   Although it is a very old book,  many of the thoughts and theological ideas that are in the book connect well with modern readers.  In fact I picked this book to read, not because of the long history or importance of the book, but having read a short bit of the book in a class, almost all of the women in the class picked it as their favorite reading out of the whole class, and everyone seamed to enjoy it.  There are some things in the book, besides the archaic wording, that show the age of the book; however, the majority of it has a timelessness about it.   

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