Monday, June 27, 2016

The Everything Saint Book:

The Everything Saint Book by: Jenny Schroedel
Non-fiction: religion,biography, NYR,  e-book

E-Book Count: 11

Book Count: 15

First, some notes: there are a number of formatting issues, typos, and minor mistakes in the book.  Most are not a big deal; as you learn that the e-fact is in the middle of the rest of the text and  read accordingly etc, but the book cuts out at the beginning of appendix a in the e-book for some reason, which is annoying.  And it includes some information that isn't correct; for example most priests in the Latin Rite of the Catholic church can not be married, but in the Eastern Rites there are different traditions, and there are some situations in which a married man can become a priest in the Latin Rite.  Which is something that I would expect a book that deals with saints in both the Catholic and Orthodox Churches to know. 

Second, as noted earlier,  this book deals with people that are seen as a saints in both the Catholic and Orthodox Churches.   Some are considered saints in both churches as they lived before the Great Schism, but unlike many books I have read, it deals with saints that are modern and from Orthodox Churches.   So it was interesting to read about people that I would not otherwise learn about.   Also as this book is a few years old there are a number of people that were listed as on the path to being declared a saint that since the publishing of this book have been declared a saint.  But it also has a number of notes on other books one can read for more in-depth biographies of some of the people, so if one wanted more then a couple pages of information they could find out more.   

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