Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Anatomy of a Disciple:

The Anatomy of a Disciple: So Many Believers. So Few Disciples. By: Rick Taylor
Non-fiction: religion, E-book
E-Book Count: 12
Book Count: 18

Okay, so on Amazon Prime you get one free e-book a month from a large list of books.  It was the end of the month of June, I had an almost dead battery and I needed to pick something quickly or forfeit my free book for the month.  This book's title looked interesting enough to be better then nothing.  I did not give it the normal amount of looking over that I usually do for my monthly book.  And that is why I finished reading this book, as otherwise I would still have lost my free book.
That being said, this books main idea is that God is the one that does all the work and so all you need to do is: read your Bible, "bend the knees of your heart" in prayer, and be around other Christians that will hold you accountable to become a disciple and not just a believer who fails constantly and burns out by trying on their own to be a good Christian. . . you know by reading their Bible, praying and doing Christianly things with other Christians. So it reads like a self-help book with a neat graph on things to aim for, stories on how it works in real life, Biblical examples, bullet-point lists, and end notes; however, as it isn't about what you will be doing it feels long and rambling.  Like if it had the beginning with the graph of actions and practices of a disciple and the end with it's reiterating on how to be open to God making you a disciple (minus the plug to buy their personality test.) it might have been an okay read.

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