Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Templar's Cross: A Medieval Mystery:

The Templar's Cross: A Medieval Mystery By: J.R.Tomlin
Fiction: Mystery, History, E-book
E-Book Count: 13
Book Count: 20

After last time picking out a free e-book that was a disappointment, I decided to pick up something that could only surprise me in a positive way.  I mean it has Templar and mystery right in the title.  It even takes place after the Templars were disbanded and  it was a treasure hunt and murder mystery.  However, the most annoying thing about the book was it's use of old and or Scottish slang words and phrases.  Most of them were easy to understand and there is a dictionary of those words in the back of the book, they just sometimes took you out of the story as you determined what the word means.   

This book is about an older knight that just lost his employment and is injured, so he is trying to get any work that he can.  He takes a job to look for a man, although he is sure that the person who gave him the job is lying about the reasons he was to find the man.  He has one of his friends help him, only to have both his friend and the man end up dead on the same night.  Then he ends up deeper and deeper in the web of lies and half truths surrounding this situation.   

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