Monday, October 10, 2016

Ghostly Interests:

Ghostly Interests ( A Harper Harlow Mystery book 1) by: Lily Harper Hart
Fiction: Mystery, Paranormal, E-book
E-book Count:18
Book Count: 28

First, I give this book bonus points as it both takes place in Michigan, and points out Trixie Belden's role in children's mystery series, with somewhat implying that she was better then Nancy Drew.

Now about the story, Harper sees dead people and has since she was a child.  Now she runs a ghost hunting company with her best friend Zander.  One day she happens on a new ghost, a college co-ed who had just been murdered, and found washed up on the shore nearby.  There is also a new police officer on the local force who got the case.  Harper feels compelled to help the ghost by finding her killer, as she can not remember her death as she blocked out the event.  Jared the new police officer, at first doesn't believe she can see ghosts, and has problems with Harper's interest in the case.  This results in humorous situations as his partner is family with Zander and both Zander's and Harper's families are gossips who are very involved in the two friend's lives.

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