Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Fireman:

The Fireman by: Joe Hill
Fiction: Sci-fi, 749 pages
Physical Book Count: 14
Book Count: 30

First, this book is more then a book.  It is divided up into 9 smaller books within it's pages, each with a title and a reset of the chapter count.  Of course 749 pages isn't enough for 9 whole books, but each mini book does follow a story arc within the larger arc of the whole book.
The storyline of this epic is based on a worldwide breakdown in society caused by a fungus known as dragon scale that infects people and causes spontaneous human combustion.  It starts out as a beautiful tatoo looking pattern on the skin, but as it goes deeper into the brain people smoke, smoulder, and then set on fire.  There are a few stories of people that can control it, including a mysterious fireman.
The story centers around nurse Harper.  She starts out as a Mary Poppins loving school nurse who witnesses one of the first cases of a burner in her area. Then after the schools close down she works at a hospital. It was at the hospital where she meets a fireman carrying in a deaf boy in need of surgery.

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