Friday, October 28, 2016

Who Done It?:

Who Done It? Investigation of Murder Most Foul, an anthology edited by: Jon Scieszka
fiction: mystery, short stories, YA, 352 pages
Physical Book Count: 15
Book Count: 31

This book has a premise much like the Clue movie/game, a collection of people, all with reasons to kill a man, are invited to the some out of the way place, and after he is murdered the rest is about who did it.  In this case the suspects are 80+  young adult authors and/or illustrators who each write their own alibi, on why they didn't kill their hated editor.  It is clear from the stories that each author involved were given a short outline of information on the premise of the book and details about the "victim" and event.  It is also clear they they didn't give them the info on how the murder took place as a number of ones accidentally confess of: poisoning, freezing, bludgeoning, and otherwise killing their editor in different ways.    Also the sale of the book helps a charity, which is why all of these popular writers worked on the book.

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