Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Divine Renovation:

Divine Renovation: Bringing your parish from maintenance to mission By: Fr. James Mallon
Non-fiction: Religion-C 286 pages
Physical Book Count:1
Book Count:2

This is the type of book that one would want to read twice, once to read through and once to stop and highlight every couple of paragraphs a good quote, other work to read later, new idea, etc, for when you need it for later. As it is more for the people that run a parish then the parishioners, I shall wait to do the re-reading for some other time, as I have a pile of books to read about as tall as me. The main idea of the book is that you can't keep doing what didn't work in the past and expect it to work now.  That in the magical past churches could keep their doors open expecting little from the people, and giving little to them beyond a social club, (i.e. maintenance) because it was a culture in which if you were "born Catholic" you stayed a "practicing Catholic"  for your life.  So people forgot the main reason for church, mission; to make disciples, help the needy, be a true community, and so forth. It does this by quoting the consistent statements from popes, councils, and church documents about this, as well as talking about what the author has tried to do; what worked, what didn't, and things that he is still working on.  Although it deals with a complex issue it is very readable and easy to understand.

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