Thursday, February 02, 2017

Note on Labels:

I have decided to make it a bit easier to tell what each book I read is about by adding additional tags to all the religion books that I read. As it: mysteries, sci-fi, and paranormal are the main types of books I read.  I might add tags to these fiction books that I read as well, but as I do not often re-read fiction besides books that I love and know what is in it, it is not as necessary.  So now books will be labeled Religion-(letter)  So C- for Catholic, P- for Protestant, O- for Orthodox, J- for Jewish,  G- for books on religion in general, etc. (As, I do not read many books that would not fit into these categories I will not list all the possible religion's abbreviations.)  These will just be in the body of the entry and not under the labels section, which will only list them all as religion.

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