Thursday, April 20, 2017

Cholesterol Clarity:

Cholesterol Clarity: What the HDL is Wrong with My Numbers? By: Jimmy Moore with Eric C. Westman, MD
Non-fiction: Food/cooking, Science, 241 pages
Physical Book Count: 14
Book Count: 17

Besides the author and the doctor that co-wrote small sections of the book, (he had a section at the end of each chapter and some inside the chapters) there was also information from other doctors, scientists, dietitians and people that decided to take their health into there own hands by studying the science and trying changes out on themselves.  Like many books dealing with topics that people had thought the science was settled on, before much of any science was done there are slightly different thoughts on what we should due given what we know now.  But overall there is a great overlap in what things are important, with people having slight differences in what they would do in some situations.  It is written so that someone without a lot of scientific knowledge could read and understand it, but it does include the data from studies and where to get more info, so that if you want to look at the raw numbers you can.  It also includes information on other test you can get that seam to be better indicators of having a increased risk of a cardiac event and a number of practice test results at the end, so you can look at cholesterol numbers yourself and take the info that you have learned to see if the "person" had health, unhealthy or somewhere in-between numbers.
Like many books that question the status quo on health and nutrition this one believes that the modern diet is a main cause of many of the modern health problems, and that most to all (again there were some slight disagreements between the experts on somethings) people can fix their cholesterol issues by changes in diet and lifestyle (i.e. stop smoking, sleep enough, do light exercising, reduce stress, the usual.)

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