Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Pope Francis Takes the Bus and other unexpected stories:

Pope Francis Takes the Bus and other unexpected stories By: Rosario Carello
Non-Fiction: Biography, Religion-C, Pop Culture, 160 pages
Physical Book Count: 20
Book Count: 23

This is a collection of 80 short stories told in alphabetical order, off a key word or idea in each story, about the life of Pope Francis.  It was written about a year after he became Pope, and mostly tells stories from earlier in his life.   Most of the stories are from when he was just a priest or after he was made a bishop, but there are also a few stories about his earlier life, especially things in his life that lead him to becoming a priest/ the type of priest that he is.  There are a few stories about things that have happened after he became pope as well.  

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