Friday, June 09, 2017

Behind the Fireplace:

Behind the Fireplace: Memoirs of a girl working in the Dutch Resistance By: Andrew Scott & Grietje Okma Scott
Non-fiction: history, memoir, e-book
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It book is the story of one woman's working in and with the Dutch Resistance in WWII.  The title is based off the fact that her family hide up to a half dozen people in their house in a small attic space with a hidden spot behind the fireplace.  During much of the war there were 2 Jewish couples living there, part of the time with a small child (who was moved to a pig farm in the country when the neighbors starting to hear him.)  There was also a single Jewish man that spent some time there, as well as a non-Jewish man who was wanted by the gestapo. It also deals with her issues related to the war that took place after the war, these include PTSD from events that happened, and people outside of those she knew during the war not believing her story.  It is mostly compiled by her son, from the stories that she was finally willing to tell decades after the events and then he pieced the stories together with some info from others that were there. 

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