Monday, July 17, 2017

Fatima: A Message More Urgent than Ever:

Fatima: A Message More Urgent than Ever by: Luiz Sergio Solimeo
Non-fiction: Religion-C (At least technically, this was read knowing that it wouldn't necessary be orthodox)  134 pages
Physical Book Count: 49
Book Count: 55

1. This book does NOT have a nihil obstat or an imprimatur.  For readers that don't know what that is, it is an official declaration that  a book does not have any doctrinal error.  So this book did NOT get a bishop to sign off on: the theology not being wrong, much less any note on the science, history, politics, etc.  I would not be surprised if this was because they tried to get one, and were told no. 

2. I got this book from my mom, for those that know me IRL you know how bad that can be.  I only read this for what new crazy "won't anyone think of the children," hysteria and over sentimentality, that it would contain.   (For a thing I am working on, not the torture of this type of junk.)

3.  This book is published by "America Needs Fatima" a part of "The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property."  Now I have vaguely heard of ANF before, and found everyone connected to it to be the types from point 2, and the name of the main group just double downs on it.  And after reading the book I did a quick google search of the group and found that all the links in the top pages that were not from the group were either questions on if the group was a rad-trad/fascists/other cult or people stating that they were a cult and/or have been denounced by different bishops as a cult.  Also their only Better Business Bureau review was negative.  

4. This book is a horrible book!  It gets the basic facts on what happened at Fatima right, but then goes on a rant that shows that they have no knowledge of history, science, what communism is, etc. 

Not Fun Not Facts from the book:  We would have won 'Nam if it weren't for politicians and being forced to sign a peace agreement,  evolution is a communist plot, communist are both atheists and neo pagans at the same time,  all evils of the modern world are both new since 1917 and communism, and other things that are just too bad to repeat as it goes beyond the point of crazy stupid to "not touching that with a 10 foot pole." 

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