Friday, May 25, 2018

The Pirate Planet:

The Pirate Planet: A Story by Douglas Adams Novelization by: James Goss
Fiction: Sci-fi 406 pages
Physical Book Count:7
Book Count:18

This book is based off of all the notes and versions of the Doctor Who episode "The Pirate Planet", which was written by Douglas Adams and stars the 4th Doctor with the Time Lady Romana and K9.  It was part of a series on the Key of Time.  The novelization was written using boxes of notes that the author got from Douglas Adams's archivist.  At the end he includes bits of the actual source information and information on "The Perfect Planet" which was the origination idea for the episode.   The story is about a whole planet that was run by pirates and operated as a pirate ship, mining planets for their gems, with most of the people on the pirate planet not even knowing that  it is going on. The story jumps from the captain and his crew, the Doctor and companions, and also to some young people on the planet that are not content with the status quo of living from "Golden Age" to "Golden Age" where there is more and more gems and less and less real happiness. 

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