Thursday, December 14, 2006

Is it real?

We received some comments reasontly that made us wonder: 1. are people actually reading this blog, & 2. are people having problems telling which postings are true, which are completely made up and which one’s are B.S.? As far as the 1st question YAHHHHHHH!!! People are reading this. And we welcome your comments. As far as the 2nd question we are trying a new coding system to some articles. Completely true stories will be ended with a T at the end. Stories we made up using no to little factual information will be labeled F. Stories that are mostly true, but either arranged in a misleading way or have vastly untrue information in them, much like any paper you ever wrote in school (quick, I need 1 more page, lets say that cows naturally hate red because they are red meat and are not cannibals. . . I’ll make up some web site sources.) will be labeled BS, because we were it. -T

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