Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Rise of Manatee’s Mating Rituals in Popular Culture

Over the last decade the manatee has gone from an endangered species that few people cared about to the new “it” creature to watch mate for “educational” purposes. As far as we can tell this started out innocently enough, but is one quick move switched form the National Geographic to Playboy channel.
The 1st instance of manatees in pop culture we found was the song “Endangered Love” from 2000. This song is most obviously a recording about the complexity of manatees mating rituals. The female appond finding a seemingly suitable mate asked him to go to a formal mating ritual occasion, “the ball”. The male in order to verify the female’s mateablity demands that she first showcase a complex skill, speaking French. After the female showcases this skill she reiterates the request to go to the ball. It is at this point that the male will either move forward or inform the female of his unsuitability as a mate. In this case the male was an unsuitable mate, due to the fact that he was unable to properly perform a mating dance, or dance at all. If this was the only case of manatees in the popular culture we would assume that this was just another case of a song being light years ahead of society on a whole, much like the song on the music preferences of the duck. Which, sadly many feel caused the death of ducks favorite musical style.
But, reasontly a manatee was performing a mating dance on a late night TV show. This lead to the creation of the web site which we have from a good source contains information on manatees and sex. And lots of manatee sex pictures. And the dancing manatee has become a recurring guest on the show. Also we had heard that the network Logo has started a podcast on manatees. Although given the network we assume that it is meant to be about gay manatee’s, given that manatees all look and sound almost exactly the same we think that the manatees are just nearsighted.-BS

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