Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rant on Email Forwards- IV

We were reminded just the other day of another type of forward that we hate. (Not that we got that type of forward, but a forward of a similar type, that was not annoying.) It is the medical scare from circa 1992. You know the type; something found an all these common things can kill you, that hasn’t been in them for years. We especially like one we received a while ago that in the info on where to go for more information/how to contact companies for refunds was a link to a government group. If you actually clicked on the link to find out more it talked about how this ingredient was removed from medicines years ago, but there are many emails still circulating about the recall. This was expectably annoying because it was THE news story for the week that the info first came out. Reading the email made us think, “Hey, didn’t this like happen years ago.” Even though we get all our news from Comedy Central and headlines from the internet, and so quite often miss unfunny, not eye-catching news. So we just has to email the person that sent it to us back and say,”Hey, did you even look at its links, don’t you remember how this was a huge story a few years ago? I know you actually watch the news. You should know this already.” Which brings us to another important thing to remember with annoying forwards. Only tell the person that sent it that it is annoying, if you really don’t care if your friends any longer.

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