Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rant on Email Forwards- Part I

OK so we got an email forward the other day that although like hundreds of other emails we have gotten in the past started us on an email forward rant that we would like to hear your opinions’ on. So please comment on this blog. (We know its a little work to comment, but that’s because ½ of the comments we get are spam for things like jewelry made in Portugal. We promise that the filters are only there to remove junk, not comments we disagree with.)

Anyway it was one of those religious email forwards with the touching story followed by the usual “You Must Forward This Email” message. We hate the “You Must Forward This Email” message. First, they always talk about how you would forward this to everyone if it was a joke email, but because it’s religious you will pick and chose who gets it. This is so untrue we always only forward jokes we think are funny to people we think would like it. (Although, the people that we get these emails from seam to forward everything to everyone all the time!) And then they often imply that if you don’t forward this email you aren’t really a Christian. This annoys us even more. First, quite often we get these messages from friends who would be put in the Fundamental camp. According to their believes if you say the sinners prayer and really mean it, (and maybe be baptized too.) then you could spend your life making and worshipping idols on the Sabbath with human sacrifices of your neighbors wife, who you both coveted and had an affair with killing using a knife you also took from your neighbor, while disrespecting your parents and then when the cops come you lie and say your neighbor killed her using as many curse and swear words as possible and still go to heaven. (We can’t think of any of the 10 Commandments that we missed, but it seams like we’re maybe one short, sorry.) So why would not emailing a story to some one be worst then that. And when did flooding people’s inboxes become necessary for salvation? Is it in the famed 17th Chapter of Mark? Anyway, we do not mind reading the heartwarming stories, just cut out the “forward this or go to hell” endings.

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I agree and if you dont send this comment to all the people you have ever met in your entire life within .2 seconds...