Friday, April 13, 2007

Rant on Email Forwards- Part II

What is up with email’s saying that you have to email this message back to the person that sent it to you? We especially hate the “send this email to all your friends including the person that sent it to you, if you don’t send this back to me I’ll know we aren’t friends” ones. First, now you have to send this back to the person or they’ll be mad. AND think of what would happen if every one really did what the email said. Say you send it to 20 people. Now all 20 are sending you the same message so you now have 21 copies. But they are also sending it to all there friends. Now although not all your friends are friends with each other quite often some of your friends are friends with each other. (Think work friends, friends from clubs, etc.) So they sent it to some of the same friends as you did, so those friends send you another copy. So you may have 30 copies now. Plus, according to the email you now must send 29 copies back to the people who sent them, creating a never ending cycle of the same stupid email. (And it wasn’t even international friendship month to start with.)

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