Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Rant on Email Forwards- V

OK, First before we rant on this, we will admit that we have forwarded on untrue news stories. Of course before being a blog Weird News BNI was an emailed paper, as some of you may know, that often contained fictions stories. These stories were meant to be obviously untrue, but still it is possible some might have sounded slightly possible. Also we have on occasion sent out untrue information that we believed to be correct. (It took the Mythbuster’s a ton of expensive sound equipment, computers and a specialist to determine ducks quacks echo, how could we know, we never heard one.[ echo, not duck, we’ve heard lots of ducks.]) And on occasion we sent on info with a note stating that we didn’t know if it was true. That being said, we still hate it when someone sends us an obviously untrue story and is all like, “this is sooooo true, pass it on to everyone you know.” We especially hate how every year or so we get emails about how we have to write congress to stop them from passing the mandatory draft legislation. Ok, so this is a real bill that shows up repeating, and the first time is showed up, we could see being a little worried; however, this bill is only proposed by one crazy congress person, and no one else ever votes for it. So the email about how if we don’t stop it everyone between 18-25 will be forced in the army is silly. As is the email about how Microsoft, the government, or some millionaire will give you money for forwarding this message to everyone you know. And a dozen more ones we just can’t think of right now.

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