Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Rant on Email Forwards – VI

In closing we would like to say we hate any email forward in which we are expected to forward it. And we just want to let anyone know, that we never expect you to forward any email we send you. Even if it is a forward that says too, some times it’s just too hard to remove that part without changing a dozen things. (or we’re lazy.) And some times the rest of the email is something we wanted to share. Also if it weren’t for forwards and junk mail, most days we wouldn’t have any mail at all. And we do like the funny stories and pictures that we often get. And our web editor has found a link on email forwards that we would like to share. Its and it has info on all sorts of chain emails.Also any friends reading this can feel free to berate us for the times when in a moment of weakness we did forward some stupid email you hated, with out adding “Hey, look at this STUPID email I got!!!”

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