Monday, December 15, 2008

Gifts for Book Lovers- Chosen

Book Count: 97

For: Ted Dekker fans, teens, and people into: The Lord of the Rings”

Chosen, The Lost Books #1, by: Ted Dekker
Fiction: young adult, sci-fi/ fantasy, adventure, religion 260 pages 2007

As the “For:” bit gives away a lot of info on a book, I’m going to start there. This book is a story about a group of 16 and 17 year olds and so has been written as teen or young adult fiction. However, you will get more out of it as a Ted Dekker fan as it has references to other books of his in it. For example, one sceene involved the main character of the book “Skin” and it appears that one of the main characters in this book is from the “Circle Trilogy”. This book also is about an earthlike land with connections with our world and starts with a map; in a very “Middle Earth” type way. It is about a world where a group of people live in a forest and must defend themselves from the “Horde” that live in the surrounding desert. The Horde use to be people like them, but they got an illness, that turns them into stupid killer by not bathing in special waters every day giving to the people by Elyon (God). Four teens that joined the forest guards to protect the people from the Horde are given a mission to find a set of lost books by a giant white bat. (angel) This is the story of them deciding on if they will take the mission and getting threw the desert, looking for the first lost book.

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