Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shameless Begging

It is once again that time of year when we at Weird News B.N.I. put together a list of ideas to give the Computer Cultured American (i.e. nerds and geeks) in your life. While you all full well know 1) what a CCA wants and 2) we are only shamelessly trying to get you to give us these things. Anyway here are some gift ideas, that keeping with the: you really don’t need help with this theme, can all be found on-line. This year in addition to my favorite geek on-line store of Think Geek ( I will also use a new favorite on-line store of oddities to list from, Archie McPhee (

* Candy and Mints: Sure we geeks all love strange Japanese candies, but we have found even stranger mints to try, including: anise flavored Absinthe mints, Decaf, Double Short, Low-Fat Mochaccino Mints and grog flavored Pirate Mints, just don’t get us flavorless Nihilist Mints, or Chum Bucket Mints. And how about some Wasabi or Shakespearean insult gum?

* What’s more fun than a Glow-in-the-Dark Flesh Eating Zombies Play Set? The Horrified B-Movie Victims to go with it.

* The Ultimate Geek Pen, it’s the ultimate!!!

* Geek temporary tattoos, w00t!

* A Desktop Carnivorous Plant set, good for really, really small annoying bosses.

* 20 questions pocket mind reader, its minutes of fun!

* Dread Pirate Roberts Action Figure, add your favorite “The Princess Bride” quote here.

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