Monday, March 23, 2009

Reader Rant

OK, I just went and looked at my weekly information on how many people read my blog and other basic info on readership. And I have so many questions now. First, every time my own computer gets recorded as a reader because the cookies get reset or something, it sets up a new city it thinks I'm at. And its not like it is at times anywhere close to where I live. Also, why is it that the only people who randomly look at my blog from googling something are looking for one of three things: 1. odd laws, 2. manatee mating 3. vampire, undead and other Halloween type things. Who are all these people looking for manatee sex. What kind of freaks are you. I can understand a hit or two of people looking for this, especially right after the episodes of Connan O'Brien that I was talking about, but really!!! And last, how come anytime some one who is from a place that I know people looks at this they're here for under 1 second. If your a friend or family member at least wait a second, before deciding that you don't want to read this. You're making me a touch paranoid that everyone hates this blog, I read yours (If you gave me a link, or I could find it on my own. Minx yours is IMPOSSIBLE to find, send a link pleeze!!)

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