Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shopping High!

Today I did my grocery shopping for this week. On Sunday I bought a paper to see if the coupons in the Sunday paper make it worth the cost of the paper. ($2). Anyway the store was doing double coupons $.50 and under (which I learned in the paper) and was doing a mix and match 10 for $10 plus the 11th free. So I bought the sale items in groups of 11 (to max. sale) and bought a tube of toothpaste that was part of the sale and that I had a $.50 coupon for. So it was $1 and I got $1 off its price. Free toothpaste!!!!!!! And it wasn't even the 11th item. Over all I saved $7 in the paper's coupons as well as $9 from the store it self's coupons. With a total savings on the receipt of over $60, although, it would really be more as it doesn't count if meat's on sale for $.99 a pound when it's normally $1.99 a pound or if a bakery or deli item is repriced at 40% off because it's a day old or expires soon. Yahhhh!!!!! Shopping High!!!!!!! I love saving money on things!!!

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