Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Odd Laws on Undead Manatee Mating Rituals

* Necrophilia was not illegal in Florida until 1972.

* In Iceland one is not officially considered dead until a doctor tickles their nose with a feather and gets no response.

* In the Cayman islands it is illegal for any animal to mate within 100 meters of a graveyard.

* Manatees can be inprisoned up to 45 days for mating with a seal in Panama.

* Manatees can legaly eat their dead in Key West.

* In Aruba, Manatees are considered fish.

* Vampires can legaly vote in Wyoming, Utah, Californa, and Alaska.

* In 1837 a manatee was fined $1.25 in Homestead Florida for dancing on a Sunday.

Happy April Fool's Day!!!!!!!!!!

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